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From APS Chair




We truly welcome inquiries from students and others interested in our programs in the Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. The Hampton University campus is an attractive and comfortable setting for students and faculty. It maintains an air of friendliness and collegiality fostering intellectual development and achievement, and we invite prospective students to contact us and arrange for a visit.


Our research center, CAS,  is home to an array of projects funded by NASA, NOAA, and other agencies, in partnership with other universities, research centers, and industry, both domestically and internationally.  This research is a prominent feature of the education programs; offering students at all levels unparalleled opportunities to participate at the forefront of atmospheric and planetary sciences.


We proudly note recognition by NASA in 2006 of the exemplary success of the department.  Hampton University ranked third in a recent survey conducted by the National Science Foundation of university expenditures for aeronautical/astronautical research and development, and the spacecraft projects in atmospheric and planetary sciences contributed most significantly to that finding.


As we all make our way through the 21st century, issues related to environment will present some of the greatest of challenges.  A robust community of scientists is essential for assessment and insights to support informed decision affecting generations to come.  The department is dedicated to education and training of the next generation of scientists to extend our understanding of Earth and other worlds, and provide leadership in fields of atmospheric and planetary sciences.

The Center for Atmospheric Sciences: Excellence in Research, Education, and Outreach.