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Education – HU Students at CAS
One of the department’s primary focuses is the training of new, young scientists. The Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (APS) offers the M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. A Minor in Space, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (SEAS Minor) is offered for undergraduates pursuing careers where knowledge in these areas can be an advantage. The new curriculum is approved, and recruitment of students is a priority.In addition to academics, the research center CAS is committed to direct, hands-on involvement in research by students. Students are an integral part of all of CAS’s research activities, and use their research experiences to take their education to a deeper level. In the last year, 32 undergraduate students participated in CAS research projects.It is the Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences’s is especially devoted to increasing the participation of minorities in the fields of atmospheric and planetary sciences. View a copy of our Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Brochure for information.

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