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Seminar Series

The Hampton University Center for Atmospheric Research and Education (HU:CARE) supports a weekly Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. Guests from the region and beyond visit Hampton University to present their latest research and meet with students and faculty to network and discuss science, education, policy, and other topics.

Seminars are announced on our Events Calendar, and generally take place on Wednesdays at noon during the school year. They are held in Phenix 123 (directions and parking information), unless otherwise announced.

Recorded Seminars

11/18/2020: Abigail Rymer (JHU/APL)

Neptune-Odyssey: Flagship Mission Concept Study for the Neptune-Triton System

11/11/2020: Emma Dahl (NAU)

The color and structure of Jupiter’s clouds during the Juno Era

11/4/2020: Kunio Sayanagi (HU)

The (Not So) Anomalous Wind:Rethinking Gradient Wind Balance Regimes

10/28/2020: Nicholas Heavens (SSI)

Gravity Waves in Mars’ Lower Atmosphere

10/21/2020: Shawn Brueshaber (JPL)

Shallow-Water Modeling of Giant Planet Polar Vortices

9/30/2020: Paul Byrne (NC State)

New Insights into the Geology of Venus

10/17/2018: Richard Zimmerman (ODU)

Exploiting Oceanographic LiDAR to Retrieve Particle Distributions and Characteristics of the Upper Ocean


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