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Making a Difference in Science Education for the Public and K-12 Communities
Unique to Hampton University is the partnership between the Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) and the Interdisciplinary Science Center (ISC) that provide exemplary education and public outreach programs. This collaboration provides a connection between the scientists of CAS and the science educators of the ISC that extends to the K-14 education community and informal science education organizations. The scientists at CAS currently serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) on a number of NASA missions, while the educators of the ISC have a national reputation for science education enhancement programs.The ISC works with CAS to provide outreach for NASA’s AIM Mission, and for the SABER and CALIPSO projects. Science on a Sphere is an outreach effort conducted jointly by NOAA, CAS, the ISC, the National Maritime Center, and U. Wisconsin. This project utilizes an innovative museum installation with graduate student docents provided by Hampton University to reach approximately 1,200 middle school students each year.  Read more about partnering with usfor formal or informal education.Outreach Activities include:

  • teacher workshops;
  • middle-school camps and field trips;
  • high-school mentorships;
  • after-school science clubs; and
  • live-event videoconferences.

The Center for Atmospheric Sciences: Excellence in Research, Education, and Outreach.