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    • B.S, Meteorology , Jackson State University , 2017

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  • Geselle N. Coleman

    Currently, I am a second-year master’s student in the Atmospheric Science field at Hampton University. Before attending Hampton U, I went to Jackson State University in Jackson, MS and received my B.S in Meteorology April 2017.

    For my current research, I am looking into OWLETS ( Ozone-Water Land Environmental Transitional  Study), where researchers are determined to find out if ozone concentration is higher over water than land, like few studies suggest, that would overall increase the concentration on land. This study investigates the problem of ozone concentrations by gathering measurements from the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) and LaRC (Langley Research Center) locations using ground lidar (light imaging and ranging) to create vertical ozone profiles demonstrating and comparing results from each location. The findings from the data will ultimately be used to initiate ways to improve these locations’ air quality and also solve other ozone problems in other bay area locations.