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    • Ph.D., Physics, Hampton University, 2006

    • B.A., Physics, Washington and Jefferson College, 1996

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  • Michael T. Hill

    Dr. Hill earned his Ph.D. in Physics at Hampton University in 2006. Dr. Hill has been a Post Doctoral Fellow Professor at Hampton University since 2008.

    Research Interests

    Ozone studies using SAGE II, III, HALOE, POAM, and ozonesonde data including a global ozone climatology based on a model of the QBO derived from a nonlinear principal component analysis of Singapore zonal winds using a neural network.

    Project: Nabro Eruption

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    Analysis of the evolution of aerosol transport due to Nabro Eruption using CALIPSO and HYSPLIT model For many decades, people have known the immense effect of volcanic aerosol on the Earth’s atmosphere. Volcanic aerosol can pose a health hazard for any life on earth, as well as get into upper layers of the atmosphere and […]

    Project: Research about Cirrus Clouds

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    As we all know, cirrus clouds play an important role in the Earth’s energy balance. Cirrus clouds have the dual/opposing characteristics depending on the balance between how much energy it traps from ground emitted infrared radiation and how much solar radiation cirrus reflect back to space. Cirrus clouds are distributed largely in tropical areas because […]