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    • M.S, Industrial And System Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2007

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    Currently I am a graduate student of Center for Atmospheric Sciences. Prior to joining the center, I obtained a Master’s degree of Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech, where I obtained a great amount of knowledge in operational research and conducted research on dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) modeling and optimization.

    I moved to Hampton Roads area with my husband in 2008 and was honored to become a member of Center for Atmospheric Sciences since 2011. My academic research focuses on Statistical Analysis of QBO Effect on the Distribution/Temperature/IWC /Water Vapor of Cirrus Cloud in Tropical and Mid-latitude Areas.

    Before I moved to United States, I worked as a project engineer in PATAC (Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center) which is a joint venture between General Motors and Shanghai Automotive in China, where I assisted the project manager to monitor the progress of the projects.

    Project: Research about Cirrus Clouds

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    As we all know, cirrus clouds play an important role in the Earth’s energy balance. Cirrus clouds have the dual/opposing characteristics depending on the balance between how much energy it traps from ground emitted infrared radiation and how much solar radiation cirrus reflect back to space. Cirrus clouds are distributed largely in tropical areas because […]