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    As we all know, cirrus clouds play an important role in the Earth’s energy balance. Cirrus clouds have the dual/opposing characteristics depending on the balance between how much energy it traps from ground emitted infrared radiation and how much solar radiation cirrus reflect back to space. Cirrus clouds are distributed largely in tropical areas because of the deep convection associated with the ITCZ and seasonal monsoonal circulation. As also known, the QBO is a tropical phenomenon which dominates the variability of the equatorial stratosphere, shown as the oscillating downward propagating easterly and westerly wind regimes associated with temperature changes. In this study, we use the principle component analysis to divide the QBO into 8 phases, months over the period Jun 2006 to Dec 2013 that have the same phase are grouped together. Cloud related features(e.g., H2O, T, IWC) are analyzed according to the QBO phases.