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    The Soda Can Sensor is an Infrared sensor built into the body of a 12oz soda can.  The bottom of the can is used as a reflector to focus the Infrared light on a ZTP 115 IR sensor.  An op-amp is used to amplify the signal, and output can be read using a voltmeter.  All the electronics are encased in the body of the can.   The Soda Can Sensor is an excellent way to introduce some simple electronics, soldering, and principles of remote sensing.  The project was designed as part of the GEAR-UP summer program for high-school students sponsored by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium.  With careful supervision the project is suitable for children of 8 years old and up.

    The instructions for building the Soda Can Sensor are here: SodaCanSensor

    Some suggestions for experiments that can be done with the Soda Can Sensor can be found here:SCS_Experiments