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  • HU:CARE Seminar Series: Kuino Sayanagi (HU)

    The (Not So) Anomalous Wind: Rethinking Gradient Wind Balance Regimes Gradient wind balance is one of the basic concepts taught in dynamic meteorology classes. Textbooks such as that by Holton go over 4 regimes of the gradient wind solutions: (1) Regular Low, (2) Regular High, (3) Anomalous Low, and (4) Anomalous High. Whether the "anomalous" solutions occur in nature has been a topic of debate. In this talk, I will introduce a new way to non-dimensionalize the gradient wind balance in terms of the Rossby Number, which solutions allow us to illustrate the continuum of gradient wind solutions. The solution space reveals in particular the "anomalous low" is a continuum that spans between cyclostrophic balance and inertial flow, and "anomalous high" is inertial flow. These solutions also show the conditions under which these solutions occur, and demonstrate that anomalous flows do in fact occur in nature in the form of inertial flows. In conclusion, I identify the need to revise how the gradient wind balance is taught in dynamic meteorology curriculum.