James Crawford (NASA LaRC)

Tim Berkoff (NASA LaRC) will present: OWLETS Campaign Results

Sage III — First Results

CUAD: Constellation for Upper Atmosphere Dynamics

What Fe grains tell us about Arctic Climate Change

Modern climate change: a symptom of a single-species high-energy pulse

The Joint Polar Satellite System:   The next 20 years of  Earth  observations for global and regional weather and climate applications

Annual APS Address by the Chair

Small Next-generation Atmospheric Probe: It’s a SNAP

Impact of Global Environment Facility projects on global-scope carbon sequestration

Granite Island in Lake Superior, a new measurement site for CERES

Exploiting Oceanographic LiDAR to Retrieve Particle Distributions and Characteristics of the Upper Ocean

Spatial Risk Assessment of Sea Level Rise, Water Infrastructure, and Public Health: Case Studies of Charleston (SC) and Morehead City (NC)

First Results from New in situ Aerosol Spectral Optical Measurements during KORUS-OC: Exploring links among optical properties & aerosol chemistry

Determining the daytime global radiation budget from DSCOVR

Radiative Transfer Models and Retrieval Algorithms for Satellite Remote Sensing

Regional atmospheric CO2 observations during ACT-America field campaigns

Stratospheric Aerosol Characterization Through The Combination of Occultation and Limb Scattering Observations

Impacts of Satellite Radiance Derived Atmospheric Retrievals on Forecast of Hurricanes

Atmospheric Escape Processes and Planetary Atmospheric Evolution

The evolution of numerical modeling of hurricanes

Analysis of Winds and Colors in Gas Giant Atmospheres Using Automated Techniques

The Pandora Spectrometer System, the NASA Pandora Project and the Pandora Global Network

The impact of the Summer Asia Monsoon on Stratospheric aerosols  

Overview of the ASDC and the Science Outreach Team at NASA LaRC

Title: Energy balance, radiative heating rate in the atmosphere, and entropy production Abstract: Temporal and spatial distribution of absorption of shortwave radiation and emission of longwave radiation by Earth drives dynamics in the atmosphere. In addition, net surface radiative flux drives evaporation of water vapor and the hydrological cycle. Shortwave radiation absorbed by Earth changes […]

Atmospheric trace gas measurements using UV-VIS differential optical absorption spectroscopy

Planetary Boundary Layer Height and Ozone Measurement Techniques