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    • M.Sc, Applied Mathematics, Hampton University, 2011

    • B.Sc, Finance, Business and Computational Mathematics, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2006

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  • Duminda Kankanamge

    I’m a PhD student and continuing my third year at department of atmospheric and planetary science, Hampton University. I received my bachelor’s degree majoring finance, business and computational mathematics from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2006. Then I continued my graduated studies at Hampton University and received Master’s degree in applied mathematics in 2011. After that, I really wanted to move to different field where I can apply my mathematical knowledge and analytical skills and found out that the planetary science is one of the best field to work. In Fall 2011, I enrolled into PhD program in planetary science, Hampton University and was lucky to have Dr. William Moore as my advisor.

    My first research project was to study the thermal evolution of the surface of the comet 17P/Holmes in order to determine the cause of the mega outbursts seen in the comet. We developed a numerical model of thermal evolution of a comet surface to study the characteristic of the thermal wave such as diurnal period, orbital period and precession period, and its variation with depth of the surface, obliquity and latitude.

    Currently, I’m working in new research project with Dr. Moore to understand the heat Transport in the Hadean mantle (from heat pipes to plates) by developing numerical simulations of heat transport in the pre-plate tectonic Earth.