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    • Bachelor, Applied Physics, University of Bamako, 2006

    • Master, Atmospheric Science, Mie University, 2011

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    I have 5 years experience in teaching 3rd and 4th grade students at Mie university, at two faculties of the University of Mali through United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project named TOKTEN, I have a combined of 10 years experience on the field (on the sea, on the mountain, in the forest) including short forecast for agriculture and raw-data collecting with radiosonde equipment (VAISALA, MEISEI). My research field focused on the mechanism of climate change in global scale , and particularly on Sahel region.

    I am currently a second year Ph.D student studying Atmospheric Science at the Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Science, Hampton University and Dr. Nicholas Heavens as my supervisor. My research is focused on a reconstruction of glacial dust cycling during the Late Paleozoic Ice Age, which should help identify new areas to search for evidence of dust deposition. At this point we are simulating a 100 years recorded using CCSM 3 on Yellowstone server at NCAR(for details please refer to the link below).

    In June 2016, I taught 3 weeks at Faculty of Science and Technology in Mali financed by Dust in Late Paleozoic and the United Nation Development Programme through TOKTEN Programme. I trained 12 Assistants of Research in Meteorology Dynamics.



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