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    • Ph.D., Physics with Minor in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona, 2007

    • M.S., Physics, University of Arizona, 2004

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      November 5, 2019 : Prof. Sayanagi Part of Team Studying Severe Weather on Saturn to Better Understand Storms on Earth
      Saturn Storm

      Hampton University Press Release Click Here to Read the Full Study HAMPTON, Va. (Nov. 5, 2019) — Kunio Sayanagi, associate professor in the Hampton University Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, is a part of a team of researchers whose latest study of stormy weather on Saturn has been published in “Nature Astronomy,” a leading international […]

      March 24, 2017 : NASA selects Professor Sayanagi to Lead Uranus Probe Mission Concept Study

      Hampton University Press Release HAMPTON, Va. — A planetary probe mission concept study proposed by a team led by Hampton University assistant professor of Planetary Science, Dr. Kunio Sayanagi, has been selected for funding by NASA. The Small Next-generation Atmospheric Probe (SNAP) team will receive $435,000 from NASA to examine the advantages, cost, and risk […]

      June 10, 2016 : APS Scientists Observe Mercury Transit with the Public

      On May 9th, 2016, a special celestial event occurred when the planet Mercury lined up exactly with the Sun in the sky as viewed from the Earth. In Hampton, Mercury began to cross the disk of the Sun shortly after sunrise at 7:20am and spent a leisurely seven hours making a sharp, round shadow on […]

      October 23, 2015 : APS Professor Moore Hosts Astronomy Night Event

      The White House announced earlier this year that October 19th of this year was going to be the National Astronomy Night, and invited professional scientists and amateur astronomers to host events around the country.  The goal is to expand access to STEM experiences for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and inventors.  The White House […]

      September 29, 2015 : APS Prof. Sayanagi Captures Lunar Eclipse

      APS Assistant Professor Kunio Sayanagi photographed the total lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015 from his home on Fort Monroe.  A lunar eclipse happens twice a year, so that is not a rare event but this lunar eclipse was unusual that the eclipse happened when the moon was near perigee in its orbit, which means […]

  • Kunio M. Sayanagi



    Dr. Sayanagi’s research interests encompass a wide range of topics in planetary atmospheres.

    His research activities can be categorized into three rough areas; Atmospheric Dynamics, Planetary Imaging Science, and Measurement Method Developments.

    Dr. Sayanagi studies atmospheric dynamics by numerically modeling atmospheric features such as jetstreams, vortices and waves.  He uses the EPIC Atmosphere Model to perform numerical experiments.

    Jet Formation Mechanism on Giant Planets (mpeg movie)

    Second, he analyzes images returned from space probes to analyze clouds; in particular, as an Affiliate Member of Cassini Mission‘s Imaging Science Subsystem Team, he analyzes the images returned from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to study the motions and properties of clouds on Saturn. Third, he develops measurement methods and image processing techniques to improve and enable new analysis of images returned from space missions.

    Interview Video:


    Sayanagi, K.M., Dyudina, U.A., Ewald, S.P., and Ingersoll, A.P., 2017. “Cassini ISS Observation of Saturn’s North Polar Vortex and Comparison to the South Polar Vortex.” Icarus Vol 285, p.68-82. (Download)

    Sanchez-Lavega, A., Fischer, G., Fletcher, L.N., Garcia-Melendo, E., Hesman, B., Perez-Hoyos, S., Sayanagi, K.M., and Sromovsky, L.A., 2016, “Great Saturn Storm of 2010-2011” Chapter to be published in: Saturn in the 21st Century, Cambridge Univ. Press. Accepted, in Press (Preprint Available at arXiv)

    Sayanagi, K.M., Baines, K.H., Dyudina, U.A., Fletcher, L.N., Sanchez-Lavega, A., West, R.A., 2016, “Saturn’s Polar Atmosphere” Chapter to be published in: Saturn in the 21st Century, Cambridge Univ. Press. Accepted, In Press) (Preprint Available at arXiv)

    Cosentino, R.G., Simon, A.A., Morales-Juberias R., Sayanagi, K.M. 2015. “Observations and Numerical Modelling of the Jovian Ribbon,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 810, L10. (Download)

    Morales-Juberías, R., Sayanagi, K. M., Simon, A. A., Fletcher, L. N., Cosentino, R. G. 2015, “Meandering Shallow Atmospheric Jet as a Model of Saturn’s North-polar Hexagon,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 806, L18. (Download)

    de Pater, I., Sromovsky, L.A., Fry, P.M., Hammel, H.B., Baranec, C. and Sayanagi, K.M., 2015, “Record-breaking storm activity on Uranus in 2014”, Icarus, Vol 252, p.121–128 (Download)

    Fischer, G., Ye, S.-Y., Groene, J. B., Ingersoll, A. P., Sayanagi, K. M., Menietti, J. D., Kurth, W. S., and Gurnett, D. A., 2014, “A possible influence of the Great White Spot on Saturn kilometric radiation periodicity”, Annales Geophysicae, Vol 32, p.1463-1476. (Download)

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    Sayanagi, K.M., and 8 co-authors, 2013, “Dynamics of Saturn’s Great Storm of 2010-2011 from Cassini ISS and RPWSIcarus, 223, p. 460-478. (Download)

    Diniega, S., Sayanagi, K.M. and 18 co-authors. 2013 “Mission to the Trojan Asteroids: lessons learned during a JPL Planetary Science Summer School Mission Design Exercise,” Planetary and Space Science, 76, p. 68-82 (Download)

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    Sayanagi, K.M., 2008, “Under Jupiter’s Pulsing Skin,” Nature, Volume 451, Issue 7177, p. 409-410 (Download)

    Sayanagi, K.M. and Showman, A.P. 2007, “Effects of a Large Convective Storm on Saturn’s Equatorial Jet,” Icarus, Volume 187, Issue 2, p. 520-539 (Download)



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