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    • M.S , Applied Mathematics & Remote Sensing, Elizabeth City State University, 2014

    • B.S , Mathematics, , 2011

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  • Patrina Highsmith

    Patrina is currently a second year Ph.D student studying atmospheric science at Hampton University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 2011, and in 2014 was awarded a Master degree in Applied Mathematics, both which were obtained from Elizabeth City State University. Prior to continuing her graduate studies, Patrina spent time as educator working in the public school system, as well as, a Mathematics instructor on the collegiate level.

    Current Research Abstract:

    The purpose of this project is to further aid in the assessment of coastal and inland flooding in Southeastern Virginia. This project will utilize remote sensing imagery from the Hampton University (HU) Direct Broadcast Antenna System (DBS) and various products from the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Due to spectral similarities between flooded and shadowed pixels, the presence of cloud shadows is a hindrance in identifying areas of inundation. To eliminate this, a mask for cloud shadows will be derived based on cloud top altitude and the geometry of the sun and scene. Pixels shadowed by clouds will be identified and compared with the standard cloud mask and visible channel information. Inundated pixels will be determined by taking differencing images from a cloud-free reference image using data covering the substantial flooding event that occurred in 2015 during Hurricane Matthew. The derived map of inundated pixels will be compared against published flood reports. Findings will be displayed using tools available within the Hyperspectral Viewer for Development of Research (HYDRA).