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    • B.S., Astronomy and Astrophysics, Florida Institute of Technology, 2006

    • M.S., Physics, Johns Hopkins University, 2009

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    Rob is currently a NASA scientist and has worked at NASA Langley Research Center since 2009. He is the lead algorithm developer for the SAGE project and has worked on improving the legacy SAGE I, SAGE II, and SAGE III M3M datasets (Damadeo et al., AMT, 2013.) as well as preparing for the upcoming SAGE III ISS mission scheduled for launch in 2016.

    Rob is pursuing a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science at Hampton University and is researching analysis techniques for deriving long-term trends in ozone. Ozone is an important trace gas species in the Earth’s stratosphere, NASA is mandated by the Clean Air Act to monitor it, that saw rapid decline and the potential start of a recovery in the past few decades. The scientific community has been monitoring the long-term trend in ozone by piecing together and analyzing the data from many different instruments since the 1980s. However, current analysis techniques that attempt to merge different datasets do not properly account for potential diurnal variability in ozone, potential biases and long-term drifts between instruments, or the non-uniform temporal and spatial sampling of the different instruments. Consequentially, current analysis methodologies introduce biases into the derived long-term trends. Rob is currently researching a new technique for performing this kind of analysis that can potentially account for all of these issues.[1]

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