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    • PhD, Physics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2013

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    Dr. Yang received his Bachelor of Sciences degree from the Hunan Normal University in 2007 (Physics major), and received his Ph.D. degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics from University of Chinese Academy of Science in 2o13.

    Selected Publications:

    [1]. Xia Y, Cheng X, Li F, Wang J, Yang Y, Lin X, Gong S. 2015: Long-term wavelength drift compensation of tunable pulsed dye laser for sodium detection lidar, Optics Communications.
    [2]. Jiao J, Yang G, Wang J, Cheng X, Li F, Yang Y, Gong W, Wang Z, Du L, Yan C. 2015: First report of sporadic K layers and comparison with sporadic Na layers at Beijing, China (40.6° N, 116.2° E), Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics.
    [3]. Yue C, Yang G, Wang J, Guan S, Du L, Cheng X, Yang Y. 2014: Lidar observations of the middle atmospheric thermal structure over north China and comparisons with TIMED/SABER, J Atmos Sol-Terr Phy, 120(0),80-7.
    [4]. Wu K, Li F, Cheng X, Yang Y, Lin X, Xia Y. 2014: Sensitive detection of CO2 concentration and temperature for hot gases using quantum-cascade laser absorption spectroscopy near 4.2 um, Applied Phyics B.
    [5]. Sai Guan, Guotao Yang, Qihai Chang, Xuewu Cheng, Yong Yang, Shaohua Gong, Wang J. 2013: New methods of data calibration for high power-aperture lidar Optics Express 21(6).
    [6]. Yong Y, Jihong W, Xuewu C, Faquan L, Xin L, Wei G. Sodium Layer Observation During The Total Solar Eclipse of 22nd July, 2009. Proceedings of the 26th International Laser Radar Conference; 2012; Porto Heli, Greece.
    [7]. Jihong W, Yong Y, Xuewu C, Guotao Y, Shalei S, Shunsheng G. 2012: Double sodium layers observation over Beijing, China, Geophys Res Lett, 39(15),L15801.
    [8]. Faquan L, Xuewu C, Xin L, Yong Y, Kuijun W, Yingjie L, Shunsheng G, Shalei S. 2012: A Doppler lidar with atomic Faraday devices frequency stabilization and discrimination, Optics and Laser Technology, 44(6),1982–6.
    [9]. Yong Y, Xuewu C, Faquan L, Xiong H, Xin L, Shunsheng G. 2011: A flat spectral Faraday filter for sodium lidar, Optics Letters, 36(7),1302-4.