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Recorded Seminars

Recorded Seminars

11/18/2020: Abigail Rymer (JHU/APL)

Neptune-Odyssey: Flagship Mission Concept Study for the Neptune-Triton System

11/11/2020: Emma Dahl (NAU)

The color and structure of Jupiter’s clouds during the Juno Era

11/4/2020: Kunio Sayanagi (HU)

The (Not So) Anomalous Wind:Rethinking Gradient Wind Balance Regimes

10/28/2020: Nicholas Heavens (SSI)

Gravity Waves in Mars’ Lower Atmosphere

10/21/2020: Shawn Brueshaber (JPL)

Shallow-Water Modeling of Giant Planet Polar Vortices

9/30/2020: Paul Byrne (NC State)

New Insights into the Geology of Venus

10/17/2018: Richard Zimmerman (ODU)

Exploiting Oceanographic LiDAR to Retrieve Particle Distributions and Characteristics of the Upper Ocean