Meet the GFDG Team

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Steve Guimond

Areas of Study: Geophysical fluid dynamics with a focus on turbulence, convection and waves in various phenomena from a computational and remote sensing perspective.

Graduate Research Assistant:

Mr. Badrul Hasan

Area of Study: Understanding high-order CFD for hurricanes, machine learning for sub-grid model development.

Graduate Research Assistant:

Mr. Nadeem Hussain

Area of Study: Understanding turbulent dynamics of hurricane intensification using LES and high-order CFD methods, validation.

Alumnus and Collaborator:

Mr. Devin Protzko

Area of Study: Radar measurements of the hurricane boundary layer.

Alumna and Collaborator:

Dr. Sydney Sroka

Area of Study: Energy transfer in the hurricane boundary layer.

Graduate Research Assistant:

Mr. Yassine Tissaoui

Area of Study: High-order CFD model development for hurricane science.